Covid and Gaming

Covid and Gaming

May 18 Morbid  

US telecom firm Verizon stated that online gaming increased on their networks by 75% during peak hours in North America.

Data from Comcast shows that new game downloads have increased by 80%, compared to a rise of ‘only’ 50% in total gaming downloads.

Microsoft reports a 130% increase in multiplayer gaming in March and April.

So while gaming overall has vastly increased. Game development has slowed to a crawl while developers restructure their studios to have people work remotely. This will lead to existing work in progress titles being delayed farther then they were before the Covid lock downs. Thinking about it, I can not recall any major title not having its release date pushed back repeatedly before the Covid outbreak. But it would be pointless to rant in an article related to Covid about pushed back released dates and unfinished buggy games being pushed on to us for our hard earned money, when they finally do release.
It would just be another rant in the piles and piles of online rants about it.

So stay safe, stay healthy and some day things will get back to as normal, or as normal as things get for those of us who are part of the Clan gaming community.